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IT Managed Services


Managed Services are the Future of IT Support

Managed Services allows businesses of all sizes to receive a high level of IT expertise without having to absorb the cost of full-time employees.

Most small and medium businesses (SMBs) have a common problem; they need IT staff and computer support, but often can't justify the cost of hiring a network engineer or administrator. In most cases, they simply don't have the amount of work needed to justify one or more IT employees. In order to compete on a level playing field, SMBs need technology as well as experts to implement and manage it.

Managed Services alleviates this pain by letting a dedicated staff build and support your business computing environment. With a combination of hardware, software and technical expertise, PSeeSolutions can build a turn-key infrastructure for any business and manage it on an ongoing basis or simply take over management of your existing network.

Managed Services from PSeeSolutions tackles key hurdles to embracing IT as a business driver. Below are some of the key advantages:

No Need for Dedicated IT Staff

It can be very costly for small and medium businesses to have full time IT staff. Salary, benefits, bonuses, vacation and many other factors, put dedicated IT talent out of the picture for growing businesses. Maybe you only have a few computers and can't justify having a full time employee to manage them. Either way, PSeeSolutions can give you all of the benefits of your own IT department without the price.


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Proactive Remediation of Issues


Our managed services platform lets us know when you are having problems before they get out of control. We keep your costs to a minimum by proactively handling computer and network problems before they impact your business. PSeeSolutions knows when you are having an issue immediately; often before you do.

No Management Software Costs

Not only is it expensive to have your own IT staff, but the costs don't stop there. You need tools to manage your computers in a traditional IT model. With PSeeSolutions, you don't buy any software. We handle all of the setup, monitoring and maintenance. As technologies advance, so does our platform, shielding you from the complexity and costs of IT management

Flexible Monthly Billing


PSeeSolutions doesn't require a large, up-front commitment to get you started on managed services. You only have to figure out what plan you need to fit your business goals and PSeeSolutions will take care of the rest. We have a billing model to fit your growing company, too; pay monthly for an easy, recurring cost or pay in advance for a year and get a price break.

High Levels of Expertise

PSeeSolutions has a team of certified engineers who have some of the best training and credentials in the industry. Because we can serve many customers at once, we can afford to have high-end talent managing your network. It is like having a whole IT department at your call.

Fixed Cost and Service Level Agreement

PSeeSolutions isn't new to this field. We've been proven time and again. We know how to keep costs low and value high. With a service level agreement, we’ll deliver what we promise, when we promise it, for the cost we promise. Managed services from PSeeSolutions make IT simple.

We believe the best support is unlimited support. So our customers don’t worry about how long or how often they call us. There’s no hourly billing or confusing “block time” to stress over. Just the support you need, when you need it.

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