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Cloud Services


What is Cloud Computing?


The easiest explanation would be that cloud computing is computing on the Internet. Instead of installing programs and storing data on a computer hard drive, you are able to run the programs and access the data directly from a website. Everything is stored on a remote server that you can access from any computer, virtually anywhere.

We have years of experience in creatively adapting today’s technology to meet business needs. Although there are many options when it comes to building a cloud infrastructure, we find that cloud hosting solutions are most preferred by:

  • Businesses with multiple locations.

  • Companies who prefer to backup data offsite in a secure location.

  • Businesses who want the benefits of a full scale data center without expending the financial resources to build their own.

  • Clients who want us to host Microsoft email exchange offsite.

  • Clients that would rather pay month to month only for the resources they need but still have the ability to scale up and purchase more resources as their business grows.

  • Companies who don’t want to have to replace hardware every 3-5 years.

  • Clients who prefer to finance IT equipment as an Operating Expense (OPEX) instead of a Capital Expense (CAPEX).

Cloud Computing Services
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From application management services to dedicated resources to utility-enabled platforms that can grow as your business grows, our hosting solutions can give your organization the right amount of control and support it needs. Our hosting services include:

  • 3rd party application hosting

  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange email service

  • Managed antivirus (ESET)

  • Backups

  • Managed offsite backup storage and software (Jungle Disk)

  • Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA)

  • Windows Server license & CALs

  • Windows SQL server license & CALs

  • Microsoft Office licenses

  • Windows Remote Desktop Services licensing

  • Private cloud solutions to maintain your proprietary data and IT on premise

  • Managed services or public cloud to offload management of specific IT environments

  • Hybrid cloud solutions to enable flexibility and management of IT as you see fit




Virtualization is a method of consolidation that allows businesses to run several different applications on a single piece of hardware. Running more applications on a single server means less hardware to purchase, less equipment to power, and overall less to maintain.

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