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IT Services Albany


PSeeSolutions offers the below services, however you prefer:


In-store service: We service your PC in our store. Drop-off & Pick-up.
On-site service: We travel to your home or office and work on-location.
Remote service: We connect to your computer remotely through the web.
Hybrid service: We travel to you, pick-up your system, service it in our store and then return it to you.

Hardware & Software Upgrades


We can provide all types of upgrades for your Laptop or Desktop PC, so that you are able to recapture its initial speed and performance. Whether you want to browse the web quicker, play the latest game or improve the overall performance of your computer, we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need!

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Virus and spyware removal service

Virus & Spyware Clean-up


Viruses can cause a variety of problems with your computer. They can slow down a network, destroy documents, delete files, and generally wreck everything. We have removed thousands of viruses, spyware, adware, and malware infections. We also provide software and services to help you prevent getting infected in the first place.

Laptop & Desktop Repair


Computers break, like anything else, and it’s not practical to go out and buy a new one every time something goes wrong. We service all brands of laptops & Desktop PCs. We also carry some replacement components in our store for many desktop models so that your computer is repaired and returned to you in as little time as possible. Many problems are fixed while you wait! We perform many advanced laptop repairs: LCD Screen replacement, LCD inverter replacement, keyboard replacement, DC Jack replacement & component level repair.

Data & File Recovery


When systems crash and hard drives fail, the first question is always: “Oh no! Did I loose all my files?”. We help customers everyday who have asked themselves that question after experiencing a crash or an accidentally deleted item, get their files & data back. We are even successful in data retrieval when your system is not booting up at all. Power your system down, and call PSeeSolutions immediately if you feel your data is in jeopardy.


Data & File Backup


We use computers every day to create and store all types of information. Whether it's leisure items such as music, or business critical spreadsheets and email; it needs to be backed up properly and often. Our customers can avoid losing precious time & data with affordable, fail-proof and scalable data backup solutions ranging from software & media to external hard drives and off-site data storage. We can even automate your backups for you, leaving you worry-free!




Like all things we use daily, we must maintain them. Over time, computers can begin to perform slower than when new. This is typical once your computer has had software and/or files installed or downloaded. This is when optimization becomes necessary. Non-Optimized systems perform very poorly and are at a higher risk of more serious damage. We are able to make critical improvements to the stability and performance of your computer with these optimizations. When customers bundle optimization with hardware upgrades, your computer will likely perform better than it was!


Mac Diagnostic and Cleaning


If you're getting the "spinning beach ball" too much or if your Mac doesn't seem as fast as it once was, let PSeeSolutions check it out. Many times cleaning of the operating system can restore a Mac to it's old speedy self.


Mac Repairs and Upgrades


Sometimes a simple cleaning of your MacBook or iMac isn't enough, maybe it's time for more memory or a bigger, faster hard drive that will keep your machine running for a couple more years.
PSeeSolutions will replace hard drives, update memory, or any other items that need repairing. Let PSeeSolutions evaluate your system, and PSeeSolutions find the most cost-effective upgrade.

Moving to a Mac


Just bought a new (or used) iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air? Trying to figure out how to move your PC or Mac files, emails and printers? PSeeSolutions can help.

Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m -6:00 p.m
Saturday- Closed for the Summer
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