Like most businesses, your company probably relies on technology for it’s everyday processes.

Having a disruption, big or small, could cause severe loss and threaten your data and business.  Every year, thousands of businesses fail because of data loss from natural disasters, malicious viruses, and human error.  You must be confident that your network has an industry-approved disaster recovery plan with systematic backups as part of your IT management routine.

The key thing to keep in mind when developing a disaster recovery/business continuity plan would be the business’s ongoing concern.  This refers to a company’s ability to stay afloat and to ensure that the business has the resources needed to continue to operate indefinitely.

In the business world, you can’t call time out because your building got hit by a tornado, your server stopped working, or you’ve experienced some other type of disaster.

There are many pieces that are unique to your company to consider when creating your disaster recovery plan and at times it may seem quite complicated. PSeeSolutions will make every effort possible to ensure the best outcome when your company experiences a disaster. Your disaster recovery plan is a process and an insurance policy for your company requiring constant maintenance to ensure data integrity.

Having a disaster recovery/business continuity plan is crucial and proactive planning is much more effective than reactive recovery.  The primary objective of a disaster recovery plan is to safeguard your organization in the event that one and/or all parts of its technology (processes, operations) are no longer usable. The question all businesses need to ask themselves is:

Disaster recovery solutions

“How much does my business rely on its technology, and how much would it cost in productivity if something were to happen?”

Determine your company’s financial impact and acceptable risk related to disaster scenarios. Create a plan based on this information and test it at least once a year or anytime there is a major change to the IT environment. While the details will vary depending on your company size, PSeeSolutions can help you develop an exhaustive summary to rectify the situation, restore data and reduce downtime for all hypothetical situations.